Friday, May 10, 2013

The Siberian tiger
By Alexus Simpson

The different classifications of my species are. felinae,pantherinae,and acinony china .one fun fact about the siberian tiger is that it can eat up to one hundred pounds of meats a night.This is like a human eating up to a total of four hundred burgers.The siberian tiger needs a lot of food because they eat between days.The organisms which my species of siberian tigers evolved from is cats.All the modern cats developed about 10.8 million years ago in south asia.I believe the siberian tiger has stripes to survive in the wilderness.the siberian tiger has stripes to camouflage itself from its pray .The siberian tiger is similar to regular house cats its just larger in size and more agressive.The siberian tiger is different from other tigers because they have a different pattern of stripes and the siberian tiger has a main.I predict that siberian tigers will soon die out.I believe this will happen because they have to eat a hundred pounds of meat to fill them up.If they continue to eat everything in their environment the other animals will eventually not be able to reproduce.These are some important facts about the siberian tiger.

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  1. Cool Animal Siberian Tiger and very interesting facts about it!