Friday, May 10, 2013

Bald Eagle By. Brandon Newton

Scientific Classification:

Genus Species- Haliaeetus (Sea Eagle) Leucocephalus (White Head)

Fun Fact: Bald Eagles have a wingspan of 7 feet on average and they can live 28 years in the wild and 36 years in capacity!

Natural Selection Trait for a Bald Eagle: One trait a bald eagle has resulting from natural selection is the curved and very sharp talons and The soles of its feet have raised, rough projectiles that also help hold its prey firmly in place. Bald eagles usually live near lakes or bodies of water so they need these features on its feet to catch fish successfully.

What Organisms are similar to the Bald Eagle in its environment?: Bald eagles diets are very similar to the black and brown bears, they all rely on the bodies of water to be in the area because they primarily prey on fish.

What Organisms are different from the Bald eagle in its environment?: An animal that is very different from the bald eagle in its environment is the beaver, not only do they rely on the water for home and food but they live there while the eagle just uses it as a food source.

What would happen to my animal over time if drought spread over all major lakes?: My animals population would drop drastically, the lakes would dry up and fishes would die and decompose. This would also mean over any body of water that did not dry up Eagles would compete for food and then it really becomes survival of the fittest.

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  1. I like how I was informed about how long the bald eagle was